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First Blog of the Site!

Welcome to the first blog post of the site! Holly and the Tiger did amazing its first month and I have to say thank you to everyone. If you've read and enjoyed it, I'd be really grateful if you shared a link to the book, or left me a little review on Amazon. I loved writing that book, it was a little different from the books I normally write. You see, I write under another name. Bekah Clark. Most of my books are fantasy that contains some romance. The Healer and the Warrior, however, focuses on romance in a fantasy setting. If you like the way I write, and you haven't read it yet, then you would probably enjoy The Healer and the Warrior to see if you'd like to get into the Bekah Clark books. This month is the perfect time since from September 1-30, 2018 The Healer and the Warrior is only 99c! You can grab it here!

But you're reading this because you enjoyed Holly and the Tiger so this blog is about upcoming news. For the CP Stone books, I'm working on Girl of the Dark Forest which is a fantasy novel that is a little darker than Bekah Clark fantasy books and is heavier on the sex, which is why it is going to be published under CP Stone. I have also decided that for NaNoWriMo I am going to write Jason and the Wolf! I am really excited about that one. I loved Jason and I want him to have his HEA. He really deserves it. And you are gonna love Jenna!

Wolfsden is a fictional town that is set in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire. While I have three novels planned for the Wolfsden Novels, if I feel something else coming along, I will definitely write it. I love my shifters and look forward to sharing more of their world with you. Currently, The Witch and the Lion is the final book in the Wolfsden Novels and is a bit of a bridge to The Time Witch Chronicles, which takes place in Grayburn a fictional town in Vermont that Holly and her hot tiger visited. The Time Witch Chronicles will be heavy on the romance, but mix in a little Urban Fantasy.

So I'm going to leave it here for now. I hope this gives you a little idea of me and what the future holds. Feel free to forward this to anyone you know who enjoys paranormal romance.

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Loved Holly and the Tiger and I can't wait for more books from the incredible author

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